Company Director

Haydn Kelly

Haydn Kelly - executive director

Haydn is the Executive Director of Aquarius Precast Pty. Ltd. He was a shareholder and the Managing Director of Kelly Precast Concrete Pty. Ltd. from inception.

Under his direction the business achieved National Industry recognition. He designed and developed the Company's many products, some of which were unique and patented. He introduced innovative raw materials and modern work place procedures.

Haydn continues to be the driving force of Aquarius Precast. His focus is on Business and Product Development. He is continually searching for innovative techniques and new technologies to grow and maintain our status as an Industry leader.

Haydn was the owner and sole director of Aquarius Slipform.

Company Director

Damien Kelly

Damien Kelly - managing director

Damien Kelly is the Managing Director of Aquarius Precast. He is a Mechanical Engineer (hons) and holds a Post Graduate Masters Degree in Project Management and a BCom.

He held various senior engineering management roles with a major international Public Company.

Damien was engaged on several manufacturing facilities and major infrastructure projects.

He has extensive experience with the structural design, manufacture and transportation of building and construction products.

Damien gives vast expertise to our Company with an emphasis on engineering design, product quality and environmental awareness.


Kelly Precast Concrete

Aquarius Precast Pty. Ltd. began trading as Kelly Septic Tanks in 1965. Kelly Precast Concrete Pty. Ltd. was incorporated in 1969.

The business developed over the years to eventually manufacture a vast range and variety of precast products helping Brisbane become the modern city it is today.

 The Company embraced environmental and community demands early and was the first Company in Australia to develop prefabricated trade waste Oil, Grease and Silt interceptor traps.

Our Company pioneered the introduction of domestic & commercial septic tanks, sewerage treatment systems, concrete water tanks & trade waste traps in Queensland.

We developed many of the precast concrete pits, sewerage manhole liners, access chambers and other civil, electrical and plumbing products used in everyday building and construction today.


Aquarius Slipform

Slipform pavers & kerb machine

Aquarius Slipform extruded concrete barrier walls and kerb & channel for the civil construction industry in major infrastructure projects for many years.

Many Federal motorway, State highway and Municipal main road upgrade projects were successfully undertaken throughout Queensland and NSW.

Other slipform projects included feed bunds and driveways for Cattle Feedlots.

Concrete Barrier walls and associated V drains are now standard safety features in all Motorways and major roads throughout Australia.

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